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In Gainesville, FL

The Elite Auto Center of Gainesville Inc. proudly opened in 2000. In the time since our tow operation began, our towing company has performed a wide array of important automobile recovery services for our community. These services range from fleet services to emergency roadside needs, to routine roadside assistance such as jumpstarts and tire changes. Our towing company has been woman-owned since 2015. We pride ourselves on providing five-star customer service from start to finish.

Providing Roadside Assistance

In Your Time Of Need

The Elite Auto Center of Gainesville Inc. is here to make sure that you get the help that you need whenever you are traveling on the lovely highways and byways of Florida. Running out of fuel or popping a tire is a natural circumstance that can be remedied, especially if you have a great towing company in your vicinity. By providing fuel delivery services and more, we are able to chart a positive course forward for stressed drivers. If you are unfortunate and end up running out of gas, then we encourage you to contact us. Next time you encounter any type of car issue on the road, there is only one towing company that you need to remember and that is the Elite Auto Center of Gainesville Inc. We look forward to helping you out with great towing services.

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